IB Biology HL II - Under construction for 2017-18

9 Plants
5 Evolution and Biodiversity
6.1 and D.2 Digestion
D.1 and D.5 Nutrition
6.2 and D.4 Cardiovascular
6.3 and 11.1 Infection/Immune response
11.3 and D.3 Kidney and Liver
6.4 and D.6 Respiration
6.5 and 11.2 Nerves and Movement
6.6 and 11.4 Reproduction 
4 - Ecology

Grading Categories for the IB Bio Classroom:
Homework 5%
Class engagement 5%
Other (Labs, formative quizzes and projects) 30%
Tests and Summative Quizzes 60% 

Portage PS standard grading scale

Please note the calendar is subject to change as we work through this class


9/5 no class
9/6 - What is included in this year
9/7 - Milk lab -- Claims Evidence Reasoning
9/8 - Lab prep -- seeds in petri dishes, plant beans, set up mesocosms
9/11 Check petri dishes, 
Dissect Kidney bean, draw seed internal structure and take notes on parts of seed
9/12 Germination of a seed, propagation of a plant through cloning
9/13 IA Wednesday ... Meet with Ms. Hertel
9/14 Check seeds -- draw what is in your dish and each person at your table.  Add water if need be.  Close up and put back.  Factors that affect plant growth--
HW. design a lab that investigates factors that affect the germination of a seed.  (be specific) Rough draft due tomorrow beginning of class

9/15 Peer editing lab -- get out check list from Ms. Clark regarding what is needed in a designed lab. 
9/18 Quiz -- Seeds and germination (9.4) 

IA Individual Candidate Cover Sheet at the bottom of the page!!!! (its a PDF file)

Resources and Interesting information:

SAM RHINE - November 8th 
Lakeshore High School 

Important dates:

IA Rough Draft DUE NOV 21 - 9pm to turnitin.com

IA Final Draft Due JAN 29 - 9pm to turnitin.com

IB TESTING MAY 14 and 15
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