IB Biology HL II - Under construction for 2016-17

Radio Lab about trees interacting with roots click the picture:

 Class of 2016-17 
Turnitin class number is 12827516 password : ibbio
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Please note the calendar is subject to change as we work through this class


Order of topics to cover:
6.1 and D.2 Digestion
D.1 and D.5 Nutrition
6.2 and D.4 Cardiovascular
6.3 and 11.1 Infection/Immune response
11.3 and D.3 Kidney and Liver
6.4 and D.6 Respiration
6.5 and 11.2 Nerves and Movement
6.6 and 11.4 Reproduction and 

Video links for Reproduction Lectures

4/17 - Jar testing
Evolution -- Ebola 

Links for Ebola Intro article and the Ebola DNA sequences are at the bottom of this page!

4/18 Evolution - Ebola 
What is the dichotomous key --Get your packet so we can look at one
4/19 Evolution and Classification 
Turn in EBOLA
4/20 Jar testing START AS SOON AS YOU ENTER CLASS!!!! - Practice IB TEST while testing -- WHAT are your areas of weakness for IB TEST???
Compare your mesocosm data from today to the data from Monday --- Real comparison for your assessment made after MONDAY 
4/21 Classification
4/24 Jar testing and practice test
4/25 Classification and intro to quadrat and transect studies.  
4/26 Finish notes for classification.  (topic 5.3)
Topic 4.1 work Results of mesocosm - where to go from here - single variable change - monitor for impact.  What do the tests chosen possibly indicate? 
Notes and background for Quadrat and chi squared - if time begin the quadrat 
4/27 Quadrat study with chi-squared outside or simulated inside.  
4/28 review ---- 
5/1 Review -- laugh relax and then KICK THE IB TEST IN THE KEESTER!!!!

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