IB Biology HL II - Under construction for 2016-17

Radio Lab about trees interacting with roots click the picture:

 Class of 2016-17 
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Please note the calendar is subject to change as we work through this class


10/19 IA day
10/20 Correct test
Start Human --
Order of topics to cover:
6.1 and D.2 Digestion
D.1 and D.5 Nutrition
6.2 and D.4 Cardiovascular
6.3 and 11.1 Infection/Immune response
11.3 and D.3 Kidney and Liver
6.4 and D.6 Respiration
6.5 and 11.2 Nerves and Movement
6.6 and 11.4 Reproduction and 

 Starting 6.5 and 11.2 Nerves and movement.... :)

1/31 NERVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2/1 Continue to go over nerves...
I A moved to tomorrow - due date moved to 2/11 (Saturday) That doesn't mean you have to wait for that day!

2/2 Work on IA -- check list - go through for yourself before hertel talks to you.... Make changes if you need to!!!!

2/3 - video voice over animations... 
2/6 Describe how a nerve impulse is propagated down a motor neuron
Conversations with Hertel
2/7 Continue talking with Hertel for groups who haven't gone yet... taking notes on muscles and muscle contraction (on your own until Hertel is done) 
2/8 Muscle contractions.... :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::)
2/9 Finish muscle contraction notes 
Don't forget IA due on Saturday
Quiz Monday over nerve impulse Quiz Tuesday over muscle contraction
2/10 - no class 
2/13 Quiz nerve impulse tomorrow - go over muscle questions
2/14 Quiz on muscle contraction tomorrow -Quiz on Nerve impulse
2/15 Quiz on muscle contraction - correct muscle quiz
2/16 Correct quiz - work on they packet
2/17 Packet work time - TEST ON MONDAY!!!!
2/20 TEST over 6.5 and 11.2
2/21 Start packet on kidney and liver... 
2/22 Notes on kidney
2/23 Dissecting Kidney
2/24 No school

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