Honors Biology


This calendar is subject to change.

1/30/17 - Discuss/Go over exam/Ask Questions; Meet Mr. Bieszard!; Quiz Friday!

1/31/17 - Discovery of DNA reading and Questions; QUIZ FRIDAY!

Check Marking the text on DNA History
Go over reading
DNA Structure notes; 
12.1 & 12.2 Reading Guide; Quiz Friday!

2/2/17 - Creating a DNA model & Questions; QUIZ TOMORROW!

2/3/17 - Turn in your DNA Structure Model w/ ?'s **Make sure your name is on the sheet** DNA STRUCTURE QUIZ; Writing out DNA structure practice; Start DNA Replication notes; 

2/6/17 - Understanding the Power of Genes video and ?'s. Work on Reading Guide if time allows.

2/7/17 - Quiz Friday. Review of Notes from Friday; Cont. DNA Replication notes; Work on reading guide if extra time.

2/8/17 - Quiz Friday. Review of DNA Replication; Review of DNA Technology; DNA Fingerprinting Activity; DNA Fingerprinting Web Quest - DUE Friday

2/9/17 - Quiz Tomorrow! Review some key terms; Review Guide: Due Tomorrow; Web Quest Due Tomorrow; STRAWBERRY Lab!

2/10/17 - Get out Web Quest, Review Guide and Lab ?'s! Review for 5 minutes; QUIZ!!!

2/13/17 - Quiz Review; Work on Reading Guide

2/14/17 - Review; Transcription Notes; Transcription/Translation Packet

2/15/17 - Review Transcription; Translation Notes; Translation Practice

2/16/17 - Review Transcription/Translation; Mutation Notes; Packet Work

2/17/17 - Finish packet work. Start Review Guide DUE MONDAY. I will also be checking packets for completion on MONDAY! 

2/20/17 - Go over review guide; Mutation activity (Dice rolling); Correct Packet work;

2/21/17 - Take Unit Test; If time permits: Mutation activity (dice rolling) 
2/22/17 - Classroom Population Genetics;

2/23/17 - Mendilian Genetics notes/Hereditary introduction; HW: #1-3 of worksheet

2/28/17 - Go over H.W; Punnett Square Notes/Go over Punnett Square Grading; Kahoot Game Practice

3/1/17 - Check for HW Completion and Correction; Monohybrid Cross Quiz; Dihybrid Notes/Practice

3/2/17 - Have your homework ready for me to come by and check; Dihybrid practice; Codominance and Incomplete Dominance notes; QUIZ FRIDAY ON DIHYBRIDS

3/3/17 - Have your homework ready for me to check for completion; QUIZ on Dihybrids; Go over warm up question; Sex-Linked alleles notes

3/6/17 - Check Incomplete/Codominance Worksheet; Sex-Linked Notes/Practice

3/7/17 - Check Sex-Linked Practice; Multiple Alleles Notes/Practice; White Boards!; QUIZ ON THURSDAY 

3/8/17 - Pedigree notes; Pedigree Practice; QUIZ TOMORROW

3/9/17 - Check HW; QUIZ TODAY; Correct HW and Quizzes; Genetic Technology/Environmental Impact; Pedigree Practice

3/13/17 - Check HW; Genetic technology/discuss webquest; genetic techonology notes; If time permits-Mrs. Hertel's family and a challenge question

3/14/17 - Pedigree challenge questions; Review problems; Test on Thursday 3/16!

3/15/17 -  Kahoot!; Various dominance punnett square practice; Quizizz questions/review at home!; Use all of your resources to study!; UNIT TEST TOMORROW

3/16/17 - Take Unit test; feedback sheets for Mr. Bieszard

3/17/17 - Cracking the code

3/20/17 - Begin Pedigree project; we will be begin presenting on THURSDAY (3/23).

3/21/17 - Go over tests; continue working on pedigree project; We present on THURSDAY (3/23)

3/22/17 - Ethical Scenerios!; continue working on pedigree project... done early? work out who is presenting what and practice your part!; Modern Biotechnology!

3/23/17 & 3/24/17 - PRESENTATIONS/Presentation notes!

3/27/17 & 3/28/17 - Watch GATTACA; Take Notes; Quiz on Wednesday over Genetic COnditions Presentations

3/29/17 - Finish watching GATTACA; Debrief; Quiz over Genetic Conditions; Begin working on prompts

3/30/17 - Continue working on prompts; for those of you that want to share it with me instead of print it out... share with dhertel@portageps.org

Warm-up (Do when you enter class) and Objective (Your goal for this class period):

1/31 Tell me what you know about DNA -- give me details.

2/1 What is the function of nucleic acids?
Where is DNA replicated?

2/2 Draw a nucleotide and label all of its parts (leave room to draw 4 total).
Complete the complementary base pair of this sequence: 3' ACTAGCTAAGTC 5'

2/3 No Warm-Up; Prep for Quiz. Turn in DNA structure.

2/6 Create a "portion of DNA". A "portion" is 4 Nucleotides on each strand. Label everything!

2/7 Which direction does DNA ALWAYS replicate?
What causes the strands on the original DNA strands to "unzip"?

2/8 Why is DNA Replication referred to as "Semi-Conservative?"
Why is DNA Replication important? 

2/9 Strawberries are "Octoploidy"; what does this mean?
What are 4 reasons that Scientists use DNA Fingerprinting?

2/10 NO WARM UP. 

2/13 NO WARM UP.

2/14 How many copies of each gene will there be after DNA replication?
Where does protein synthesis occur?

2/15 Compare and Contrast DNA and RNA
Transcribe the following DNA sequence: CATGACT

2/16 Draw and Label the Central Dogma
Transcribe and Translate the following; TAC TCG AGT CTG
2/17 What are the two types of Mutations?
What are the 4 types of Chromosomal Mutations?

2/20 1)Discuss/Refresh yourself of Friday's warm-up question.
2) How are mutations passed on to offspring?
3) What are some of the possible effects of mutations?
2/21 NO WARM UP. Review before the test.      
2/22 If I flip a coin, what's the probability that I get heads? If I flip 10 coins, is it guaranteed that I get 5 heads?

2/23 No Warm up; Have your population genetics worksheet out for checking and a notebook ready to take notes.

2/28 1) Indicate each individuals' genotype for (use "H" as your letter): a heterozygous curly haired individual. A homozygous straight haired individual. Which phenotype is dominant? How do you know?
2) True or false. I can use a probability to predict the precise outcome for an event.

3/1 No Warm Up; Quiz Day! Get out your homework so I can check for completion.

3/2 1) Cross a hybrid Red flower that is purebred short with a homozygous white flower that is heterozygous short. SHOW ALL WORK. We will go over this together.

3/3 1) Cross a hybrid pink flower with a purebred recessive white flower. This is an incomplete dominance problem 
2) Cross a purebred red haired cow with a purebred white haired cow. This is a codominant problem.

3/6 1) What are the sex chromosomes for a biological female? For a biological male?
2) Why do you think it is more common for males to be colorblind?

3/7 1) Cross a red and white striped cow with a white cow
2) Do you know your blood type? If so, what is it? If not, what blood types have you heard of?

3/8 1) Cross an AB mother with a heterozygous B father. Is a baby with "O" blood possible from this cross?
2) Define Polygenic

3/9 1) No Warm up; Quiz Day - Clear off your desks except HW and be ready to go. 

3/13 1) Would a mouse with a jellyfish gene for glowing be possible without human interferance?
2) What was one interesting/surprising fact or one question you have from the webquest?

3/14 1) Give two examples of polygenic traits.

2) If the gene for feathers is removed from a chicken, can it pass that trait to its offspring? If so, through what?

3/15 NO BR; Prepare to do a Kahoot! as a warm-up

3/16 NO BR; Test day-you got this; show me what you got!

3/20 1) On what chromosome(s) are autosomal traits located on? Sex-linked?

3/21 1) How many sets of chromosomes does a gamete have?
2) Are skin cells specialized stem cells? If so, can those skin cells change into another specialized cell (ex. Liver, brain)?


3/23 NO WARM UP; If you haven't already, share your presentation with dhertel@portageps.org
3/24 NO WARM UP; 
3/27&3/28 No warm up; Get ready to watch GATTACA! 
3/29 No warm up; 
3/30 No warm up