Honors Biology

Grading Categories for the Honors Bio Classroom:

Homework 5%
Class engagement 5%
Other (Labs, formative quizzes and projects) 30%
Tests and Summative Quizzes 60% 

Portage PS standard grading scale

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This calendar is subject to change.
9/5 1st day huskie rooms
9/6 Milk Lab with soap
9/7 More milk lab -- white board work with results
9/8 Culminate what we saw... what was good on white boards, what was bad, what can we compare
Safety contracts
9/11 Scientific method, hypothesis, variables 
9/12 Work sheet on variables and hypothesis -- Quiz on Thursday
9/13 Inferences vs assumptions
What happened in this picture-- use evidence!!!!!

9/14 Quiz - sci method, hypothesis and variable
Finish inferences (if needed)
Categorize box materials

9/15 Characteristics of living things model
Warm-up (Do when you enter class) and  Learning Objective (what are we trying to learn)
Success Criteria(You are successful learning if you can do this)

Check answers for Hypothesis portion of worksheet
L.O.--I can write an inference and provide evidence for my thinking

S.C.-make at least one inference from picture and state evidence backing up my thinking.  

Analyze the hypothesis:  If the blade of scissors is longer then the scissor will cut more easily because longer is sharper.  
Tell if this hypothesis meets the criteria of our model of a good hypothesis

L.O.-- I can identify variables by type 
I can write/identify a quality hypothesis based on our class model
I can categorize items and make a model of my thinking

S.C.-complete quiz with 80% accuracy
and categorize items according to model my group creates
9/15/17 What does it mean to be living? 

I can identify some of the characteristics of all living things

I can classify given items as living or not based on my model

S.C.-Accurately identify if the item given is living or not giving evidence from your model.