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Biology 2nd and 6th

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Gattaca (2nd only)
Gattaca (6th only)

Gattaca Paper Due tomorrow - Not working on today 
Is genetic modification by humans on humans or other organisms okay-- Should we have laws?
Ebola Reading
Ebola activity
Focus area --- What are the sources of variation - can we track them and can we begin to understand the sequence of variation?
Finish DNA grouping and the Ebola tracking
Adaptation activity
Adaptation activity finished
Variation by Ms. Hertel
Reading guide/notes
Become familiar with and be able to give an example of selection for or against an environmental change
4/20 Reading guide worktime --
DUE worksheet on ebola and the worksheet on adaptations turned in for grade
Your focus today is to be able to identify three evidences that Charles Darwin used in the develop the understanding of natural selection
4/21 Happy Earth day Eve
Reading guide time....remember these are your notes
4/24 Reading guide -- go over as these are your notes. 
4/25 Finish going over reading guide.  Practice with sorting. ...  Quiz on Thursday 
4/26  Finish reading questions
Darwin game Game Link
sort again practice quiz 
Quiz tomorrow
4/27 practice quiz
talk about game
final quiz
4/28 final quiz for first section.  Can use resources
Reading guide when done :)
Finish notes together (fill in blank version)- 
Correct reading guide - 
5/2 Finish notes and do the review guide
5/3 Review
Quizizz:  353182

5/4 B w/ U--- TEST DAY

4/10/17 - If you could choose to not have your child have a disease would you do that?

4/17 - What is the source of variation that we see in organisms?

4/18 Why would Ebola mutate faster than a human could mutate to fight it?

4/19 Which environment worked the best for you which worked the worst (of the two you used).  What about that environment was positive for your feeding type?
4/20 Define evolution

4/21 What are three things that influenced Darwin

4/24 800 baby spiders hatch out of an egg sac in a flower.  Immediately a bird begins to eat the babies.  Some of them quickly dart under petals and work into the crevices on the plant hiding from the bird.  The bird consumes its meal and leaves -- 50 babies are left -- what happened (what is the technical term) and what is the evidence for this? 
4/25 What are vestigial and homologous structures? --Define and give an example of each 

4/26 What do homologous organs indicate about the history of organisms

4/27 How does natural selection happen using the terms natural selection, adaptation, fitness and evolution

4/28 No warm up - collect your resources
and do your practice quiz
5/1 Give two sources of genetic variation. 

5/2 What is a species

5/3 Explain your answer to numbers 21-24
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Donna Hertel,
Apr 20, 2017, 6:22 AM