This calendar is subject to change.

1/30 Calling the shots (Virus video) 
1/31 Calling the shots (Virus video) Intro project

2/1 Virus Project research time
2/2 Virus Project finish research and build presentation
2/3 Virus Project - Finish presentation 
2/6 Unit 6 Segment 1 start
2/7 Unit 6 Segment 1 work
2/8 Unit 6 Segment 1 

2/9 Finish segment 1 (show Hertel your notes) - Quiz Next time I see you.
2/10   Quiz for 2nd and 4th hours --- the quiz will be the last 15 minutes of the class.  

2/13 Quiz for 5th and 6th hours -- You get 10 minutes before the quiz starts - Make sure you are prepared.
Everyone:  U6S2 video notes and work on the first set of questions in your packet.  YOU NEED VIDEO NOTES TO UNDERSTAND THE WORK
check your video notes Punnett Square work.  Sheet together - packet time
2/15 More punnett square work and finish segment 2 - Quiz tomorrow

2/16 Quiz U6S2
Video notes for U6S3 incomplete and do reading guide

2/17 video for U6S3 Codominance is up as well: Practice for U6S3a packet - 
Quiz at end of hour on Monday
2/20 Finish work on segment U6S3a; Incomplete Dominance and Co-dominance worksheet; Quiz Tomorrow at the beginning of the hour.
2/21 QUIZ U6S3a; Video notes for U6S3b sex linked and multiple alleles Foundation work...
2/22 practice work with hertel and then work time

2/23 work on blood type questions and sex-linked work. 
2/24-27 Mid winter break
2/28 Correct papers at the beginning of class - quiz at the end of the hour (sex linked and multiple alleles (blood type)
3/1 U6S4 video notes and packet work
3/2 practice work with hertel
3/3 Correct work and Quiz at end of hour (U6S4) Start review guide for homework
3/6 Review 
3/7 Test Mendelian genetics
3/8 Start Molecular genetics
3/9 DNA Replication
3/10 1/2 day
3/13 DNA replication continued work with Hertel
3/14 DNA replication final work day - Quiz tomorrow
3/15 DNA and DNA vs RNA quiz Work time and video notes for Protein synthesis intro
3/16 Protein synthesis Transcription - notes and practice
3/17 Final work on trancription Quiz tomorrow
3/21 Transcription quiz
Protein synthesis translation video notes and practice work
3/22 translation work with hertel
3/23 Finish translation work
Quiz tomorrow
3/24 Quiz translation
Biotechnology video notes and work
3/25 Biotechnology and review guide
3/27 Review guide work 


Warm-up (Do when you enter class) and Objective (Your goal for this class period):

1/30 What is a virus???
1/31 How did people immunize their children/families before the development of vaccinations?
2/1 Is autism caused by vaccinations?  Explain your answer.
2/2 What are you specifically working on in your group? What are you doing to make sure it gets done?
2/3 What is your virus/disease? How much of an impact has vaccines had on the severity of your virus/disease?
2/6 What is a gene?
2/7 Differentiate a gene, trait, and allele -- Use your book if you need to.  

2/8 Do genetics survey and write down what ms. Hertel tells you to... :)
2/9 Explain the heredity of eye color for Scott, Tony, and Colton in Ms. Hertel's family.  Use your note sheet and survey yesterday... Reminder on board
2/10 Define heterozygous and homozygous 5th and 6th hrs do this along with the Monday warmup

2/13 What is the name of the process that makes gametes? 
How much of the parental DNA is in each gamete?
2/14 Gray fur is dominant over white fur in a particular breed of rabbits.  Show the results of a cross between two heterozygous gray rabbits

A baby bird is found that has green feathers.  There are two nests near the birds home - one nest has a true breeding blue feathered parents.  The other nest has hybrid blue feathered -- can you figure out which nest the baby bird came from - show a punnet square
2/16 no warmup
2/17 Cross a red flower and a white flower that show incomplete dominance. Include a punnett square as well as genotypic and phenotypic ratios.
2/20 Cross a Black tiger with a White tiger that show co-dominance and have a baby with stripes. Show the parental genotypes, the punnett square, the genotypic ratio and the phenotypic ratio.
2/22 A mother is heterozygous for a blood, a father is heterozygous for b blood - what blood types could their potential offspring have?

2/23 Identify each as complete, incomplete, or codominance
Red, white Hetero= pink
Red, white Hetero= red
Red, white Hetero= red and white striped