This calendar is subject to change.

1/9 (Monday) Start Unit 5S1
Group notes

1/10 Packet work U5S1 

1/11 Packet work U5S1 - 
H.W. Do your video notes... 
Practice with Onion root tip cards -- 
Show Hertel your video notes 
Correct remaining work
Quiz tomorrow
1/13 U5S1 Quiz 
U5S2 Work
1/16 U5S2 Work day - Quiz Thursday over whole unit... goes in test category

1/17 Work Unit 5 S2 or S3

1/18 Finish Unit .... Quiz on Thursday over whole unit... 
1/19Quiz and Review for exam.
1/20 Exam Review
1/23 EXAM 1st and 2nd
1/24 EXAM 3rd and 4th
1/25 EXAM 5th and 6th
1/26 EXAM 7th and Make-up
1/27 - NO SCHOOL

Warm-up (Do when you enter class) and Objective (Your goal for this class period):

1/9 How did you go from being one cell to having over 1 billion?  
1/10 What is Mitosis? 
1/11 What are the stages of a cell's life cycle?  Hint - they are letters
What are the four stages of mitosis (letters again or words) 

1/13/17 Draw a replicated chromosome and label its parts.  (there are two main labels to have) 
How many of your chromosomes came from the egg and how many came from the sperm that made you?

1/17/17 differentiqaqte haploid and diploid cells.