This calendar is subject to change.

5/8 Test corrections
Vocab sheet

5/9 Vocab activity
Vocab work

Check vocab
Food web and chain work

5/11  Food web and food chain work.  

5/12 African food web
Finish your other food web.  

Quiz tomorrow over vocab, food webs, food chains
Succession Crash Course Work sheet that goes with this video
Fire is a blessing 

5/16 Tuesday
Simple food web Due
QUIZ - vocab, food webs, food chains
Work time Food web and videos - African Food web due tomorrow 
Videos need to be done by end of class tomorrow
African Food web Due
Succession Notes from Video
Fire is a blessing DUE TOMORROW
5/18 Fire is a blessing due
Graphing deer populations 
Quiz Monday on Succession, and reading guide from 4.2
5/19 Reading guide
Quiz Monday on Succession, and reading guide from 4.2

5/22 Quiz 
Reading guide
Population work
Whooping Cranes

5/23 Notes on population growth curves (logistic and exponential)
Continue segment 3 work 
5/24 Segment work - quiz tomorrow
5/25 Quiz on Segment 3 Populations
Segment 4 start reading guide Human impact and invasive species
5/26 Afternoon only
5/29 No school
5/30 Finish segment 4

Warm-up (Do when you enter class) and Objective (Your goal for this class period):

5/8  What is a food web?

5/9 Differentiate a food web and a food chain

5/10 Identify the following with at least two vocab words each:
Fungus            Squirrel
Dog                human

5/11 Image result for food chain from michigan
Identify the producer, primary consumer and at least one carnivore in the food chain.  

What is wrong with this food chain? 
5/12  Identify one food chain from the food web below.  The food chain should contain at least three trophic levels

5/15 Identify the trophic levels (producers, primary consumers etc) from the food chain you listed for Friday.  

5/16 Identify each as a producer or consumer
and then as a heterotroph or autotroph
Corn, Sweet Gum tree, Hedgehog, Morel mushroom, alligator

5/17  What happens to mercury that is in our lakes and streams?
5/18 Four unrelated rabbits are brought to a 17 mile island in upper michigan where no other rabbits live.  There are dogs but no other predators.  Describe what you think will happen to the population of rabbits

5/19 Take the list of limiting factors and split them into two categories -- density dependent and density independent. 
5/22 No warm-up
Get ready for quiz